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Make Space On Your Video and Media Shelf

Oh yeah, home improvements and the honey do list. She is always complaining about this and that right guys? This week it’s our shelf that holds our media; VHS, 8mm home movies, our high8 camera tapes, DVDs and the like. She said, “It’s cluttered and looks ugly.” Turns out she is right gentlemen. I broke out the measuring tape and it turns out one VHS in a cardboard sleeve is exactly one inch wide by nine inches tall. That’s a lot of space for one old graduation, wedding video or vacation tape that we rarely watch right? Hey I was in high school in the eighties and we didn’t have DVDs so am I really to blame? If we were to convert one VHS tape to DVD we could get five jewel cases with DVDs into the space of one VHS. Better still we wouldn’t have to endure the fast-forwarding to our “special part” of the tape, as we could now skip to the chapter that we are looking for. So this Christmas I was asked to dumb down, or re-size the video shelf near our television. I did some research and I made a change.

When I was 26 years old my father died, and for whatever reason my mother deemed me the protector of the family films. I took the footage to my local mall and found a company that would transfer all the footage to DVD for $300.00 and my jaw has yet to lift off the floor. I realize the importance of saving these images for my children and my grand or great grandchildren but $300.00? Come on. So I did my due diligence and found a company that can take care of both problems and solve all my Christmas gift problems as well. Some companies do all of this and so much more for half the price, and I was sold. You probably have the software on your computer to do some of this but it requires time and energy on your part and some pretty fancy equipment as well. Plus they just do it better.

Trust me let someone else do it and be the hero. You can solve all of your gift problems in one click, everyone gets a DVD of the family patriarchs and matriarchs and it looks like a well thought out gift. I am now out in the shop building the new cabinet to house the new dimensions of the DVDs and staining it light oak to match the other furniture around the television, plotting how many DVD spaces there are to hold the converted videos and pictures to DVD. I will say this is one of those gifts that pleases me as much as her. I admit I am almost, or a little OCD and cannot stand clutter in the house, so this is a gift for both of us. I researched some companies in my state, as I like to buy and shop locally and found one that I called and spoke directly to. I sent off VHS, VSC, High8 and three photo albums worth of stills and received nine DVDs in custom cases with chapters to send out as gifts for all of my Christmas list recipients.

I feel good about this gift too, my nieces and nephews should know more about there deceased grandparents and great grandparents, and since they are gone now this is cool for the kids too see them and watch them as young and old people that really existed. All I am saying is make her happy, get rid of some clutter, move into the digital age and get your gifts out of the way, all for the cost of a couple oil changes. If nothing else preserve your memories in your fire proof safe in case of something unforeseen happening to your photos and films. One frozen pipe or water leak can destroy all of your precious memories in an instant. Talk about the little lady getting on you! Protect and share your heritage today, if you don’t who else will?

Make Your Own Calendars With Favourite Photos and Text

Using Digital Photos And Scanned Pictures

Digital photos taken using a reasonable digital camera offer excellent photo realism when printed on the acetate cover or 160gsm silk art paper monthly pages. As such, it is advised that you use digital photos where possible. However, you can scan other pictures yourself and use these in order to create a completely customised photo calendar. These scans don’t have to be of old paper print photographs of your own either, you can use pictures gained from various other sources and you can even use downloaded digital image files from the Internet.

Creating The Photo Calendar Online

Save the photos you want to use to make your own calendars and give each one the name of the month that it will be printed on. Upload these and the cover image, and add a title for the cover and captions for each of the monthly pages. Choose whether you want an A4 or A3 size of calendar and the number you want. Some sites offer buy two get one free offers and this means that you can pay as little as £14 for an A4 calendar and £17 for an A3 one. You can enjoy incredible looking results at surprisingly low prices.

Organise Your Life

Calendars are a great way to organise your life. You can mark down important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries as well as appointments and meetings including doctor and hospital appointments. Got an important interview and don’t want to forget the date, time, or place? Mark it on your new personalised photo calendar and you won’t.

Create A Photo Journal

Personalised photo calendars are a little different to the normal calendars you can buy – they allow you to show off and store some of your favourite photographic memories. By having a photo calendar printed every year with pictures from that year you can keep them and look back at your mini albums in the future as a sort of photo journal of your life.

Relive Favourite Memories

When major events like new babies and new homes occur we can tend to get lost up in the moment, but a few months or years down the line and it can be very difficult to remember those times. Printing them on items like photo calendars gives us a great way to relive memories in the future.

Celebrate Events Or Occasions

Graduation, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays are just some of the occasions that should be celebrated in life. A personalised photo calendar can be customised to match any of these occasion and you’re guaranteed to make a calendar that the recipient will love by using photos of them, their family, their pets, or items related to their favourite hobbies, pastimes, sports, or films.